• Plugin Hook
  • Optional

useColumnOrder is a plugin hook that implements basic column reordering. As columns are reordered, their header groups are reverse-engineered so as to never have orphaned header groups.

Table Options

The following options are supported via the main options object passed to useTable(options)

  • initialState.columnOrder: Array<ColumnId>
    • Optional
    • Defaults to []
    • Any column ID's not represented in this array will be naturally ordered based on their position in the original table's column structure

Instance Properties

The following values are provided to the table instance:

  • setColumnOrder: Function(updater: Function | Array<ColumnId>) => void

    • Use this function to programmatically update the columnOrder.
    • updater can be a function or value. If a function is passed, it will receive the current value and expect a new one to be returned.
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